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Training Partners

We are pleased to work with some of the industries leading professionals and bring that expertise to the classroom.

Training Partner

Delta P

Delta P is the premier solution provider of aerospace physiological support services to the non-military aerospace industry. Led by Dudley Crosson, PhD, Delta P provides scientifically-based programs to sustain the performance of crew members, whether in the face of high threat situations, environmental threats and stressors, or advancing age. Along with this, Delta P aerospace physiological support services can reduce unit operational costs associated with personnel performance issues and accident litigation. We have been providing support for various fire department and law enforcement aviation units, and HAA operators across the country for several years. This capability can come in the form of either on-site training for the customer or online as you see here. The realm of aviation safety is changing. Today it takes more than just the traditional safety program. A common enhancement to an SMS program is a human performance component. Even with all of the regulations, the public safety and HAA communities continue to deal with incidents and accidents related to human performance/human factors issues. Delta P can help “fill the holes in the swiss cheese”.


Meet our talented staff

Education Program Manager

Michael Hume

Michael attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and earned a degree in Aeronautical Science with minor in Business Administration. Michael was previously the Flight Academy Manager and 135 instructor and pilot with Epic Helicopters in Fort Worth Texas, his role was to oversee student learning progress for both domestic and international students as well as managing compliance Part 141 along with SEVIS. Michael currently is an instructor for Helicopter Institute as well as flies in the Gulf of Mexico in the Bell 407. Michael has a passion for teaching and inspiring others in the field of aviation. He is a member of the FAASTeam as well as serves as an advisor to local high schools with aviation programs.

Educational Partner/ Instructor

Dudley Crosson

In 1988 Dudley Crosson started Delta P, an aeromedical safety company. During this time until 2002 he was a consultant in Aerospace Physiology and Human Factors to NASA and a number of space contractors. Since 9/11, he has provided aeromedical safety support for several public safety aviation units and non-DoD aviation units. Currently, along with his work at Delta P, Dudley Crosson is the Aeromedical Liaison to the medical community for the Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA), a Member of both the Aerospace Medical Association’s (AsMA) Aviation Safety Committee and Aerospace Human Performance Committee, an Advisor to the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) Aviation Advisory Board, and a member of the US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST). Previously Dudley Crosson was an Affiliate Professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and an Associate Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology. Prior to this, he has had various responsibilities including Paramedic, Diving Officer, Lifeguard, and Rescue Swimmer.